Custom Plastic Fabrication

Our experienced and DVS licenced plastic fabricators are able to produce fabricated parts and assemblies using the latest techniques and equipment to suit your application.

Methods used are heat bending, hot gas, extrusion and butt welding along with chemical bonding, drilling, CNC routing, machining and vacuum forming to manufacture the products you require.

Some materials that are used Acrylic, PVC, CPVC, PETG, Polycarbonate, ABS, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Nylon and Teflon.


Items that can be fabricated include

* Tanks
* Bunding
* Safety Guards
* Plumbing Fittings
* Pipe Systems
* Acrylic Displays
* Chemical Storage Systems
* Tank liners
* Industrial Components
* Food
* Pharmaceuticals

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